Wednesday, February 6, 2008


Here on earth,
the heart suffers from impotence,
the mind is obscured by its perversity.
For man is fettered by his passions,
like dead and fallen leaf,
like broken glass,
like some shattered possibility.

A caveat to mere mortals –
the charm of Venus tempts and destroys
even the most powerful of men.
In the shadows of that murderous libido,
it’s morbid passion,
it is ambition,
that cripples Caesar's hand.

Despair is like falling in love,
they say love lives and dies,
they protest that love grows and ends,
a fruitless journey that serves no one,
it is Alexander lost in the middle of nowhere,
leading men who carry no "will",
searching an eternal throne
that is not, and never has been there.